NAIA Release Notes

NAIA Release Notes – Version 1.0

Release Date: February 25, 2024


This is the first stable release of NAIA Start en NAIA  Source Connect.

New Features

  • NAIA Start comes with the following functionality: 
    • Business functions (user interaction) available:  
      • Ingestion:  
        • Raw data zone: Environment to store Parquet files. 
        • Reload Webportal. 
      • Usage:  
        • Ready to use data views on HAD (actual and historical) for reporting / dashboards. 
        • Configurable source data checks (Data Quality Information). 
        • Date/time functionality to support datasets and reporting. 
      • Monitoring: 
        • Central logging for all data processing. 
        • Error Logging on data processing for root cause analysis. 
        • Signaling of critical errors via e-mail alerts.  
    • Development functions available: 
      • Quipu tool for adding new sources into NAIA Start environment.  
    • NAIA internal functions are available:  
      • Scalable and trusted storage for all data types, both raw and combined, including history for tracking and tracing to the source. All incoming data in NAIA is archived and available in a data lake. Analytic functionality is provided via an SQL engine. 
      • Automatic proposals for NAIA model changes based on source model changes (via NSC). 
      • Data processing and data quality assessment overviews. 
  • NSC (NAIA Source Connect)  comes with the following functionality: 
    • Development functions available: 
      • Store and maintain metadata of source systems to in a managed environment. 
      • Define simple transformations of data types (to prevent future issues due to domain changes). 
      • Assist in obtaining data and metadata from source systems.  
    • NSC internal functions available:  
      • Automatic conversion of datatypes to NAIA equivalent (using best practice). 
      • Source specific ingest code-generation for NAIA ingest processing. 
      • Extend NAIA processing control and lineage from transient landing zone back to source systems (configurable).  
      • Automatic detection of source model changes. 
      • Metadata Management supporting NSC functionality for data selection and translation. 


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